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Buy Richard Mille RM 003 - RM 003 TOURBILLON Carbon 503.72.9

Postby zosidghy61 » Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:56 am

Image 2006, URWERK introduced a new model UR-103 Blackbird. As mentioned in its name, this watch with the same name of the invisible jets has a black shell made of platinum coated with black PE-CVD (plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, more durable than traditional PVD). The black theme goes further and the dial, satellite and orbit crosses are also made of black PVD coating (satellite and orbit cross at level 5 titanium). Digital and minute scales painted with bright yellow SuperLumiNova, at night into a rich blue light, reminiscent of the jet's cockpit. Powerful one can only be used in a series of ten watches.

In 2007, the tone of the watch has undergone a fundamental change. With UR-103.06, URWERK demonstrated the amazing versatility of their "creatures". From invisible jets, the UR-103 turns itself into an outstanding jewelery. Obviously, set the diamond space is greater than the traditional watch provided by the space. 103.06 includes 277 white diamonds, the total weight of 5.28 karats, inlaid on the crown and dial. It has 25 series gold and 25 platinum limited.

HYT replica watches.For the first time they saw that the UR-101 had included the basic bacteria of these special aesthetic techniques. UR-101 is a round watch, hand-made experience is relatively classic, but the hands without any wrist. The "dial" is like a circular curved opening between 9 and 3 of the top of the face. The time is the hourly schedule at 9 o'clock behind a small window, intuitively passing minutes along the arc, minutes divided into 60 minutes until it reaches 3 o'clock. At this moment of time, it was replaced by the next hour at 9 o'clock. In order to push this mechanism, Félix put forward the idea of ??two invisible and synchronized satellites, each with six numbers, their own rotation, so the correct number is displayed in the window, all of which are within 60 minutes Revolve around motion.HYT replica watches

UR-101 in a very reasonable way has a significant particularity. In contrast to most young brands, URWERK is not willing to adapt to classic complications in a modern way - tourbillon, minute carousels, calendar. Interestingly, FélixBaumgartner and Martin Frei are interested in how to completely change the passage of time by providing new ways of understanding, while also providing intuitive readability immediately.replica Richard Mille RM 011 Le Mans Classic watch

UR-101 is remarkable, but it is undoubtedly because it is still a compromise between two different ways of tabulation art - it has never really been on the shore. Two friends find themselves in a dilemma: they should stop or should try to further advance the adventure.

One day, FélixBaumgartner's father made a suggestion that a true intuition would prove to be decisive. What if hours of reading from the top of the watch to the bottom? A key point, which became the founding principle of replica watches

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